Lockett Loveday McMahon Solicitors (“LLM”) is committed to dealing appropriately with all third parties.

We will interact with third parties in a manner which promotes the proper operation of the legal system and we will not take unfair advantage of those we deal with.

In acting for our clients we will on occasion need to deal robustly with third parties in order to safeguard and promote our clients’ interests. In doing so we will comply with our regulatory requirements.

If you are not one of our clients but have concerns about your dealings with us, or wish to make a formal complaint please contact us so that we may review this in line with the Firm’s 2 stage internal complaints procedure.

We have 8 weeks to consider and resolve your complaint.

Stage 1

How to submit a complaint?

In the first instance please raise your concerns with any of the Partners of this firm.

Please provide us with full details of the key issues and reasons for your complaint. You can contact us by post, telephone or email.

What will happen next?

We will acknowledge your complaint within 2 working days; a letter of acknowledgement will be sent enclosing a copy of this procedure. Full details of your complaint will also be recorded on the Firm’s central complaints register.

A full review will be carried out with a full response provided within 14 days of the date of acknowledgement.

If your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction at this stage you may refer this to the Compliance Officer who will review this as a Stage 2 comp

Stage 2

How to submit a complaint?

If you wish to escalate your complaint please contact the Compliance Officer at:

What will happen next?

The Compliance Officer will acknowledge your escalated complaint within 2 working days of receipt and update the complaint records to reflect the escalation.

A full and independent review will be undertaken with a full and final response provided within 21 days of the date of Stage 2 acknowledgement.

Note: If at any stage of your complaint there are complex issues likely to impact on the response delivery dates you will be notified in writing with full reasons for the delay, confirmation of next steps and agreed timeframes.

Our regulator

LLM is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.  Our SRA number is 329946.

If you have concerns about your dealings with us, you can also raise these with the SRA at any time. Its contact details are:

  • The Cube
  • 199 Wharfside Street
  • Birmingham
  • B1 1RN


We have a separate complaints procedure for clients. Please contact us if you are a client and require a copy of this.


Get in Touch

Contact us by emailing or calling our main contact in the service area relating to your needs.

Get in Touch

Contact us by emailing or calling our main contact in the service area relating to your needs.